about Leah


Since the beginning of high school I knew I wanted photography to be a big part of my life. I started classes in school as soon as I could, and consquently spent most of my free time in the dark room after school developing and enlarging photographs until the janitor kicked me out. It was there that I learned the basics of 35mm photography on a manual camera...I learned the camera inside and out. Not only that, but I had to master loading film onto reels in a pitch black room so they could be processed and developed. My teacher there instilled in me a passion for photography that continued to grow as I learned with each passing year. 

The portfolio I sent in my senior year received the highest and rarest score of a 5 in my advanced placement tests for college.

As I moved into college I had to ask myself how photography was going to remain a part of my life, though my major was in graphic design. 

Eventually I gave up much of my current life path, and pursued a photography business of my own....so here I am today! 

After shooting my first wedding back in 2008 I can say I have significantly changed in many ways. I have shot numerous weddings, engagements, and portrait sessions since then and have really developed my own sense quality, technique, & style. I enjoy learning from local creatives on top of research and learning online in my own living room.

My passion for what I do is reflected in my work, and I hope that my clients feel that when they work with me on their wedding day or portrait session! I have a love for creating photos with a lot of color, beautiful bold pops of light, and great lines of composition....all of that mixed with the beautiful faces in front of my camera make my job of capturing your true "self" my ultimate goal.

Being in front of a camera is not always easy or relaxing, but my desire is to draw out the unique person in front of me and capture that moment. Documenting these specific times our lives are memories that would be hard to recall on simply on their own- a photograph is more than just an image on paper, it is a memory that can be recalled with clarity when we see it! 

I currently work from home with my beautiful family. My husband, Ben and I have 3 chidren: Ethan, Asher, and Eleanor, and we couldn't love our life together more. I give all credit and glory to my Lord for the success of this buisness....He is my one true guide for all that I do.

I hope this little page gives you an idea of who I am. I absolutely love meeting new people and that makes my job all the more enjoyable... Please contact me for further information and thank you for stopping by! 

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